Creating legacy brands, spaces, places & memories.

At Hemsley Ventures, we're passionate about restoring the gems in our communities to their former glory... but with a modern & timeless touch.

Here’s what’s in the works at Hemsley Ventures.

Through our projects at Peach Grove House, Polar Bear Eats and the Grand Preston Theater (coming soon!) we hope to keep you inspired, connected, and curious. ⁠

Teamwork makes the dream work.

We love to turn the tiniest details into a special moment of magic. Whether it’s for our guests at Peach Grove House or future customers at Polar Bear Eats, our team is always hard at work brainstorming ways we can make every touch memorable.

sawyer hemsley


Ashley Brinton

Chief of Staff

Lance Hemsley

Estate Manager

Chalise Gaudio

Rockhill Cheese Supervisor

Tana Checketts

Director of Restaurant Operations

Bryan Warner

Content Creator

Jemma Karas

Customer Experience Specialist 


Community Relations Specialist

Sami yorgason

Administrative Assistant

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